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Our team offers decades of experience in analysis and management of complext systems, with emphasis on health policy and management. Contact our team to find out more about our services. 



Contact us for more information on potential speaking engagements.  We are experienced public speakers and educators with a passion for engaging with audiences. 



See our areas of expertise by reading some of our peer-reviewed publications on PubMed.  For a lighter read, see Risk in Perspective: Insight and Humor in the Age of Risk Management.  Alternatively, contact us if you would like to purchase a signed copy from the author. 

AORM is committed to the creation, practice, and dissemination of best practices in risk analysis, decision science, and communication in the context of managing complex systems with full appreciation of uncertainty, variability, and time.  Our team has decades of experience in analysis and management of complext systems, with emphasis on health policy and management.  While you may have many options for data collection, visualization and information management, we take the extra steps to translate information into insights that will support improved decisions and fully consider the value of information. 


Risk Analysis

We engage in large and small projects for a wide range of organizations seeking assistance with assessing, managing, and/or communicating variable and uncertain risks for complex and dynamic systems.

Information & Decisions

Facing a difficult choice? As leaders in decision analysis with expertise in quantifying the value of information, we can help you frame, evaluate, and create options, and better manage uncertainty.

Diagnostic Medicine

Diagnostic errors are a significant safety issue, exposing both patients and practioners to unnecessary risks and potential harm. With experience in diagnostic medicine, risk analysis and management, we can help characterize and mitigate risks in your organization.

Health Economics

Our work includes applying multiple different approaches to evaluate the health and economic outcomes of health interventions and to effectively communicate the results to decision makers.

Health Policy & Management

Engaging stakeholders, understanding the implications and trade-offs of actions, we help with health policy and management topics with full appreciation of interdependencies, feedback, and system dynamics that may impact effectiveness.

Education & Training

We are experienced educators with established track records at top institutions. Our education and training activities range from guest lectures, development of short courses, and one-on-one coaching and mentoring.

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