About the beer distribution game

Professor Jay Forrester of the MIT Sloan School of Management created the beer distribution game over 50 years ago to teach students about the bullwhip effect, and Professor John Sterman continues to run the game with incoming Sloan School students - see video from October 23, 1989 by the MacNeil/Lehrer New Hour from WBGH Boston - and in Executive Education. The beer game simulates a very simple supply chain with cases of beer made by a factory who ships to a distributor who ships to a wholesaler who ships to a retailer that sells to customers.

In 2007, Dr. Thompson and son, Nima Badizadegan, led the team that won the World Championship of the Beer Game, which Professor Sterman facilitated at the 25th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society in Boston, MA. They published the winning strategy in 2015 in a paper entitled "Valuing information in complex systems: An integrated analytical approach to achieve optimal performance in the beer distribution game" in IEEE Access.