Welcome to the Age of Risk Management

The Age of Risk Management represents a time in human history characterized by the recognition that life is full of risks, choices often involve tough trade-offs, and good data and risk analysis play a critical role in the decisions we make as individuals and collectively. Real life is complicated. Enormous advancements in science and technology provide high-quality information about risks and a spectrum of management choices. However, success in the Age of Risk Management depends on the ability to effectively manage variability (i.e., the real differences between individuals), uncertainty (i.e., the unknown), and time (i.e., the dynamics and interactions in an ever-changing world), and the ability to understand how things work and communicate effectively.

Laugh and learn more about the AORM by reading Risk in Perspective: Insight and Humor in the Age of Risk Management, which you can preview by enjoying the free on-line Health Insight Consumer's Guide to Taking Charge of Health Information.

Good risk managers find the best solutions in a variable, uncertain, and dynamic world. AORM provides the support that decision makers at all levels need for success:

To learn more, please contact Dr. Kimberly M. Thompson, who currently serves as President of Kid Risk, Inc. A popular speaker, engaging teacher, and expert on children's risks and on putting risk in perspective, Dr. Thompson is a Past-President and Fellow of the Society for Risk Analysis, which honored her with its Chauncey Starr Distinguished Young Risk Analyst Award in 2004. She served as a Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturer from 2003-5. In 2007, she led the team that won the World Championship of the Beer Distribution Game and in 2008 she received the Jay Wright Forrester Award from the System Dynamics Society. In 2014, Dr. Thompson led the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Kid Risk, Inc. team that won the INFORMS Edelman Award.